Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thrown-together meals

J's been busy this week, so I haven't done much cooking. However, one night I did make one of my favorite slapdash meals: Gourmet breakfast burritos!

I don't really like breakfast burritos, but these things are great!

Cook smoked sausage (or I buy the pre-cooked kind, so I just warm them in a skillet) OR Polska Kielbasa. Keep warm.

Then fry up some potatoes (I like sliced new potatoes).

Scramble some eggs.

Serve all piled up with salsa in a flour tortilla!


Lissa said...

Those do sound better than your usual breakfast burrito. I don't like those either. I hate fake egg with a passion. (Like McDonalds or other fast foods)
I was proud of myself because it was back to school week and I actually cooked two times...three if you count warming up leftovers!! :) That's pretty good for me.