Thursday, August 03, 2006

Good ol' Southern meal

Dinner was pretty good, but not so healthful:
Fried fish
Fried okra
Corn on the cob

Note to self: Fried okra does not count as a vegetable. Do not serve next to a fried entree, such as deep fried fish. I'm feeling a little bit of the not-so-fresh feeling right now...

Unearthed the Frydaddy tonight, filled it with half a bottle of veggie oil and tossed some cornmeal-coated fish in. How big of a pain is it to defrost frozen fish? Anyone have a better way to freeze fish so it doesn't get all partially cooked and mutilated and torn apart when you defrost it? What do you do, Audrey? I used Pa-in-law's famous fish coating recipe, but it wasn't so good to me. I think I overcooked the fish, so the flavor wasn't as full. I think the recipe is kind of a secret, so I'm afraid to publish it here. I'll give one secret ingredient: Ranch dressing. That's all I'm going to say.


Lissa said...

We had your tortilla soup yesterday!! YUMMM! Thanks cuz! Emma sure was excited to see Kyle yesterday. She moved her arms and legs real fast and squealed when he held her!

Kim said...

Great! This blog had accomplished something! Take care of my bro!

Audrey said...

My only suggestion for the defrosting is to think way ahead. Put the frozen fish in the fridge the night before or set it in the sink the morning you plan to cook it. Otherwise, you have to run cold water over it in a colander forever. One more thing, MUSTARD! Good Luck!